Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Austin Chalk - Recent Drilling & Completions

Amelia Resources LLC has released an update on Austin Chalk drilling and completions.

The Anadarko GASRS 18-1 averaged 1218 mcfgd and 104 bopd for Nov/Dec of 2010.  The GASRS 5-1 averaged 2884 mcfgd and 406 bopd for the same time period.  The GASRS 16-1 has just been permitted.


  1. is there any TMS activity in Pointe Coupee parrish? LADNR show Newmin and Liberty have a couple wells targeting about 10,000 feet. i dont know if these are horizontal or using fracking. i have some interest there.....

  2. Alan,
    It doesn't appear that the TMS will head that far south anytime soon. It's too deep. The Austen Chalk play is more likely to. The Neumin well is pursuing Cockfield and Liberty the Wilcox. I do not believe that these have been frac'd.

  3. thanks kirk.... let me know if you hear anything......alan

  4. hi kirk, that lacour got permitted on ladnr. it looks like its a tusc well by the designation. also it appears they are going down 20,000 feet. is this an austin chalk well or is the 20,000 combined vertical and horizontal?....

  5. Alan,
    I reviewed the permit. The permit states AUSTIN CHALK as the reservoir and they note that the original Austin Chalk units have been dissolved. But, the 16300 TVD does place it in the Tuscaloosa sand horizon. The 22,200 measured depth indicates a planned horizontal wellbore of 5900'.