Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuscaloosa Marine Shale - Resistivity Discussion

Resistivities vary across the TMS play area.  For a detailed review of this topic, take a moment to review Amelia Resource's recent paper on the topic:
Link to document


  1. Why has more drilling been done in the lower resistivity areas instead of the higher resistivity areas of the TMS? Anyone know how much water Encore needed to frac each well in the TMS and the source of that water?

  2. Actually more drilling has occurred in the "higher resistivity" region. I do not know volumes or source for Encore's water.

  3. After looking more closely at the maps I see that you are correct. I was confused, sorry.

    Thanks Kirk

  4. What does resistivity refer to? This is new to me. hcoutdoors.com