Monday, April 25, 2011

Devon Energy Production Co. Lane 64-1: Drilling Plan

There was a surprisingly low number of attendees at the pre-application meeting for Devon's first Tuscaloosa Marine Shale well last week.  The consultants who presented the well plan were very informative.  Devon plans to first drill a vertical well to a measured depth of 15,500'.  In this wellbore, it's likely that a conventional core will be taken along with a very robust well log suite.  The company plans to frac the TMS in the vertical wellbore.  The rig will then move to Devon's 2nd location to the north (more on that later).  Following the 2nd well, the rig will return to the Lane 64-1 unit and drill a horizontal well.  The current frac plan is for 13-15 stages.  It is likely that the 64-1 will spud before the unit is approved.

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