Monday, May 16, 2011

Indigo Minerals Announces 2nd TMS Well And Acreage Position

Indigo Minerals announced their 2nd Tuscaloosa Marine Shale well today.  The well, Bentley Lumber 23H #1, is located in section 23, T5N-R5W, Rapides Parish, Louisiana.  It is permitted to a proposed total measured depth of 15,500' and is projected to include a 4,000' horizontal lateral section targeting the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (they call Eagle Ford) at approximately 10,600' true vertical depth.  They state that the well is anticipated to be completed through the horizontal segment with 15 fracture stimulation stages.

Oil & Gas Journal version:


  1. Kirk,
    I need some info. Is this a TMS well or an Eagle Ford well. It has been my understanding that Eagle Ford was directly underlying the Austin Chalk with TMS directly overlying the Tuscaloosa sand and the Eutaw formation separating the Eagle Ford and TMS. If you could clarify this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Joe Aldridge

  2. Joe,
    Great question. It appears to be the question of the day. Obviously if you're selling some acreage, using the term Eagle Ford helps. You can review my typelog here:

    I'm trying to assemble some paleo from S. TX to get a good regional chronostratigraphic correlation confirmed.

  3. Kirk - Do you have any idea about when Devon plans to cross over into Mississippi? Have they filed for any well permits with the Miss Oil and Gas Board? My family property is in Wilkinson County MS.