Thursday, June 2, 2011

Devon Lane 64-1: Drilling Ahead At 9100'

The 64-1 is drilling ahead at 9100'.


RAN 10-3/4" CSG T/ 3919' & CMT W/ 2890 SXS; N/U & TSTD BOPS
5/25/11; TSTD CSG; DRLD T/ 9010'; (BOP INFO: SCHAFFER 13-5/8"
AND CAMERON 5000/10000 PSI);


  1. Thank you for these updates. Denbury is in a joint venture with Encana to try to develop the TMS via the Encore leases Denbury acquired when it bought Encore. Denbury said on its earnings conference call that it unnamed joint venture partner (Encana) was to go in and complete a well that was already drilled by Encore but not completed back in 2008. I believe it is the Board of Education well. Do you have any information on this well?



  2. WRW,
    Some information here:

  3. Thanks! I have since found that Encana has filed a "form 3" re the Board of Education well in MS (well # 23005207271000 via the MS Oil and Gas board -- site:

    It seems that this "Form 3" signifies a completion already. However, no data is available as it seems to be "tight" on the info.

  4. I do not believe they are that far along on the Board of Educ. well. They just finished setting up their pumps and water lines this week.

  5. A large Halliburton truck convoy was seen on a highway near the site this weekend. It looks like they might be preparing to frack the Bd. of Educ. well in Amite County Ms.