Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Encana Honors Alfred C. Moore

Encana filed their completion report with the State of Mississippi for the Board of Education 1H well with the field name "Alfred C. Moore" in honor of Tuscaloosa Marine Shale pioneer, Alfred C. Moore. Hats off to Encana!

"I am exceedingly grateful to Encana for honoring my father with their selection of his name for their first field name, in what I hope will be many, many successful Tuscaloosa Marine Oil Shale fields for them and others to come. It is wonderfully kind and generous, and I want to personally thank every Encana employee involved with the decision. My entire childhood family has since passed, so this is an especially wonderful moment for me personally, as I see my father's lifelong dream for this play and for its potential contribution to America's future, possibly unfolding before my eyes. I thank everyone at Encana for honoring him and his contribution to the play in such a meaningful way. I was completely surprised by the news, and will always be eternally grateful. Thank you to everyone at Encana, and may God bless you all."
Clint Moore  (Alfred Moore's son)

Prior post with Mr. Moore's play history:

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