Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Anadarko Austin Chalk Program Continues To Expand

A 2nd Austin Chalk permit has been filed by Anadarko in Vernon Parish this week.  This is their first Austin Chalk well north of the shelf edge in LA (2.2 miles)
API: 1711520216   Serial: 243644
Wellname: AUS C RC SUA;GASRS 31 #1
Measured Depth: 20747   True Vertical Depth: 13517  Lateral Length: 7230'
Pinewood Field
1749' FNL & 1609' FWL OF SEC 31. PBHL: 1656' FSL & 1939' FWL OF SEC 6.


  1. What exactly is the significance of the Shelf(Edward's Shelf?)?
    Does this new well signify a broadening of the prospective area for development of the Austin Chalk?

  2. FM,
    Great question. The Lower Cretaceous Shelf Edge is similar to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It's a prominent geological feature that surrounds the Gulf of Mexico. With respect to the Austin Chalk, it has created a flexure, or dip increase, that is believed to enhance fracturing in the chalk. To date, Anadarko's wells have either been downdip/south of the shelf edge (GASRS, Dominique) or on it (Lacour). As the drilling program progresses, it will be interesting to compare results relative to this feature.

  3. I was told by someone that the prospective area of the AC did not extend above the southern part of W. Feliciana parish. If their Vernon Parish well is successful could this improve our prospects of a AC well in W. Fel. parish north of St.Francisville? Thanks for your explanation of the Shelf.

  4. FM,
    Review this map. Zoom into your area of interest.

  5. Thanks for the map Kirk. It looks good to me:)