Sunday, August 21, 2011

Devon Files For Another TMS Unit

Devon Energy Production Company L.P. has given notice for the application of another Tuscaloosa Marine Shale unit.
-Field: Clinton (East Feliciana Parish, LA)
-Unit Definition Well: Oxy USA Richland Plantation A #1 (69-1s-2e); 12620'-  13043'
-Unit Size: 720 acres
-Conference date: 9/8/11

#18: Devon Clinton Field Proposed Unit

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  1. From all that I have read, companies like Goodrich Petroleum are waiting to see if Devon,et al, wells can be SUCCESSFULLY horizontally fractured before they drill. Evidently there is a possibility that after the fracture, the proppant cannot do it's job, i.e. the fracture collapses around the proppant material.