Thursday, September 8, 2011

Devon's TMS Blitz Continues

Devon permitted another TMS well today.  The well is the horizontal offset to their first TMS well, the Lane 64-1, that they conventionally cored, completed vertically, and hydraulically fractured.  Based on the coordinates provided, it appears that the same pad site will be used.

API: 1703720153    SERIAL: 243776
Wellname: TMS RA SUA;LANE 64 H
Measured Depth: 20100   True Vertical Depth: 15500
Lateral Length: 4600'
Location: 64-3s-1e
N 26 D 56' 44" W - 11,447.96' FROM NGS MONU. "WHITE" IN SEC 64. PBHL: N 17 D 33' 33" E - 5080.19' FROM SURF LOC IN SEC 67.

For a detailed review of this unit:

Ethel Field - Devon Energy Unit

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