Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hydraulic Fracturing Issues

According to Maurer Engineering Inc. in May, 2010, the Eagle Ford shale was still challenged by the issues below.  In it's infancy, the TMS has a long way to go.

Following are fracing issues that have not yet been resolved in the Eagle Ford since this field is very new and is still on the steep part of the learning curve. These issues will be addressed on the JIP:
1. Open hole vs. cemented liners
2. Production vs. number frac stages
3. Slick water vs. viscous fluids
4. Sliding sleeves vs. perforating
5. $3 million vs. $6 million fracs
6. 20,000 vs. 40,000 horsepower fracs
7. Abrasive jet vs. shaped charge perforating
8. Sand vs. ceramic proppants
9. Acid soluble cements
10. Coiled tubing fracing
11. Wellbore connectivity problems
12. Acidizing applications
13. Microseismic real time uses
14. Frac equipment and instrumentation
15. Ball drop techniques
16. Screen outs and flow back problems
17. Fracture initiation and propagation
18. Fracing problems and solutions
19. Guiding wellbores through "sweet spots"
20. Fracing into water zones and overlying Austin Chalk
21. Effect of wellbore orientation and vertical placement on well performance
22. Enhancement and propping of natural fractures
23. Permeable horizontal layers in eagle ford
24. Improved horizontal drilling procedures
25. Improved completions
26. Improved and lower cost frac designs
27. "Intelligent" vs. "Brute Force" fracs
28. Overall well economics
29. Shortage of fracing equipment
30. Excessive frac costs

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