Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hydraulic Fracturing Risks - Tuscaloosa Sands

Another hydraulic fracturing risk factor in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale is the wet, porous, and permeable Tuscaloosa sands that occur below the the shale.  These sands have the ability to produce significant volumes of water if they are frac'd into. 

The youngest Tuscaloosa sand, "A-1", progrades out across Wilkinson County, MS and presents higher frac risk in this area due to the fact that the sand occurs close to the base of the TMS.  While this area presents thick, higher resistivities in the TMS, this risk should be considered when designing the frac job.

Stratigraphic Cross Section (Datum: Base of TMS)

Tuscaloosa Marine Shale - Frac Risk Area

Strike Trending Stratigraphic Cross Section (Datum: Base of TMS)

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