Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Indigo Bentley Lumber 32 #1 IP's at 5 BOPD

An initial potential has finally been released by the LA Office of Conservation for Indigo Minerals' Bentley Lumber 32-1:

COMPLETED 5-7-11; OIL; LA EAGLE FORD SHALE; 5 BOPD; 8 MCFD; 1600/1 GOR; 40 GVTY; 48/64 CHOKE; 46 BWD; FP PUMPING; 50# CP; PERFS 11,562-11,704'

This well is a vertical completion.  The "jury is still out" for the western portion of the play where resistivities are lower until a horizontal completion is performed.  Indigo's Bentley Lumber 34H-1 is drilling at 13247'.  This horizontal should provide key information for the prospectivity of the western portion of the play.

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