Sunday, November 20, 2011

Devon's TMS Cross

Devon permitted an additional TMS location:
-API: 1703720154    Serial#: 244122   East Feliciana Parish, LA
-Field: Richland Plantation
-MD: 19000   TVD: 13900   Lateral length: 5100'
-Location: Section 74-1s-2e; S 64 D 32' 04" W - 21,604.10' FROM NGS MONU. "TALBOT" IN SEC 74. PBHL: N 26 D 59' 55" E - 6,000.02' FROM SURF LOC IN SEC 71.

With six locations confirmed, Devon's initial plans are making sense.  Their "cross" well pattern tests the TMS in strike and dip directions.  After completing these wells, they will have rock properties, pressures, and hydrocarbon mix across their acreage position.
Devon Energy's TMS locations.

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