Tuesday, November 29, 2011

EOG Assembles TMS Acreage Position

EOG continues to build a TMS lease position in "stealth" mode.  Information gathered from DrillingInfo and the courthouses indicate that they've assembled approximately 120,000 acres across the play.  This has not been announced or confirmed by EOG.  Based on their position in the Eagle Ford, they appear to like the oil window.  Rumor has it that they might be seeking a partner in the TMS.  With ~80,000 acres in the higher resistivity, and ~40,000 acres in the lower resistivity, they appear to be "hedging" their bet on the rock properties of the shale.

EOG Eagle Ford leases (Source: http://www.eogresources.com/)


  1. Kirk, what's the significance of the two yellow shaded areas in Avoyelles and Vernon Parishes?

  2. Outline of Acreage believed to be held by EOG (yellow)

  3. I have about 300 acres just about in the middle of that yellow shaded area in Avoyelles Parish with mineral rights still unleased. That is true of most of the landowners around the area that I have talked to. So, EOG doesn't hold all the acreage within that shaded area. I have not heard of anyone within the area signing a lease with EOG. Several of my neighbors have signed option agreements with Pride Oil and Gas, a professional land company. Pride offered me an option agreement, but I elected to wait on a lease offer. Do you know whether Pride is leasing on behalf of EOG?

  4. Tim,
    Pride is believed to be working for EOG