Friday, December 16, 2011

Austin Chalk - Yield

A regional evaluation of Austin Chalk production presents some interesting results.  The yield (bbl/mmcf) presents a striking contrast from the eastern to western areas of the trend.  On the western side (AC-West), the Austin Chalk in the eastern Texas counties has a yield ranging from 1-500 bbl/mmcf.  The farthest western Louisiana parishes have a similar range of 150-500 bbl/mmcf.  The AC-West produces high volumes of gas with oil.  In contrast, the AC-East is very "oily" with yields in the 560-3560 bbl/mmcf range.  Recent discoveries in both regions have yields that align with the ranges.  One might not necessarily be better than the other.  These complex, fractured, carbonate reservoirs might respond better to more or less gas.  Time will tell.

One other very interesting aspect of the "yield map" is that the point where this drastic change occurs in western Avoyelles Parish is aligned with the western edge of the "higher resistivity" TMS-East.  The significance of the TMS resistivity is yet to be confirmed.  The Austin Chalk yields and the TMS resistivity maps do seem to indicate that the east and the west are different hydrocarbon systems.  The significance of that will likely become apparent in the coming years after much more drilling in both plays.

Austin Chalk - Yield (bbl/mmcf)


  1. Kirk,
    There is a rig on location in the Irene field. Its on the Cromholt property off of LA 964 West of the original Kizer well for that field. It was unitized by LLOG as a Tusc well looking for a cutoff trap for gas. They are putting in what looks like an oil based mud system. Is this standard for a straight vertical Tusc well? I personally an not expecting it to be good in Tusc. I would hope they would have alternate plans if its not. Any ideas or have you heard anything about it being an AC well if not good in Tusc.

  2. Kirk,
    Thanks for your Scout Reports and other posts in 2011. Looking forward to 2012.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  3. hey Kirk, trying to follow developments across TMS and AC play in central louisiana... i emailed you approx. 6 months ago with townships and ranges of family property in evangeline parish, Millers lake and farmland... i have since become familiar with sonris and located old well site on our farm. Drilled by Hunt oil co. in 1957 . obviously Wilcox play at 10,000 ft. plug and abandoned. Hydrocarbons present but economically not productive are notes i received....hope this area becomes active in TMS/AC play.. i have been following your site and realize we are just south of Eagle ford boundary lines.. we are surrounded by 2 very large wilcox plays, easton/pine prairie field and tate cove field just north of ville platte. i have been told by landman to be patient as play develops over next couple of years... any comments appreciated,,, shawn mccauley...
    happy holidays,,,
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  4. Joe,
    Oil based mud best for getting through the TMS

  5. FM,
    You're welcome. May 2012 be the year of the TMS!

  6. Shawn,
    Let's hope that the Austin Chalk play comes to see you.