Sunday, December 4, 2011

Devon's Beech Grove 68H-1 IP's at 120 BOPD

Devon has officially released an initial potential of 120 bopd for the Beech Grove 68H-1. 
COMPLETED 10/30/11 AS A OIL WELL IN THE TUSCALOOSA MARINE SHALE RES;PM F 120 BOPD; 100 MCFD; 950 CP FTP; 30/64 CK; 312 BWPD; 833 GOR; 42 GRVTY PERFS 14275-17013' (ST: 10)

The frac job consisted of 12 stages and was challenged by a bad dogleg in the wellbore.  Some stages were cut short and others experienced screenouts.  I consider this the first well in this current TMS era with many more lessons to be learned.  Rumors indicate that the well has cleaned up and is flowing at a higher rate. It will take twelve months of production from 10-20 wells before we understand the economics of this play.

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