Monday, December 12, 2011

Encana Files For A New Unit In Amite County, MS

Encana has filed for a new unit in Amite County, MS.  The unit is adjacent and west of the Anderson 17H-1 well.  The details from Docket #425-2011-D:

"Petition of EnCana Oil and Gas (USA), Inc., LLC, requesting the Board to integrate, with alternate risk charges, all interests in an exceptional sized 922.06-acre oil unit, situated in Sections 7 and 18, Township 1 North, Range 5 East, to horizontally drill the Anderson 18H-1 Well from an exception surface location due to topographical reasons 1,078' FEL and 3,324' FSL of Section 18, to a depth of 11,950' to test the Shale Formation and all other formations and pools that may be encountered at an exception bottomhole location 440' FEL and 330' FNL of Section 7, with an eighteen month unrestricted test period to establish a maximum efficient rate (MER). Additionally, Petitioner requests authority to drill up to four increased density wells on the unit. Alternatively, Petitioner requests the Board to integrate all interests in said unit without alternate risk charges."

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