Friday, December 9, 2011

Indigo Announces TMS Discovery

Indigo Minerals announced today in a press release a discovery in their Bentley Lumber 34H-1 well. 

Key highlights:
  • flowed at a rate of 543 barrels oil equivalent (80% oil) during a 24 hour test period
  • successfully drilled without the need for an intermediate casing string through the shale interval
  • 15-stage fracture stimulation of the target interval
  • hydrocarbon mix is light, sweet 45 API gravity oil along with high liquid yield natural gas (1520 Btu and 11 GPM natural gas liquids).
  • The oil is currently being trucked to sales and the gas is temporarily being flared with state approval.
  • Indigo II intends to secure a joint venture operating partner sometime in early 2012 to bring horizontal oil expertise and capital to this large, oil shale development project
Press Release:

Drilling Locations: TMS and Austin Chalk


  1. Kirk,
    You may have to change from large stars to small dots to get them all on the map - hopefully this will expand the prospective area substantially. What about the wet gas - is that significant?

  2. FM,
    Yes, the more stars the better. Having associated gas is good. We hope that the play works across the entire state. What a boom it would be for Louisiana.

  3. Kirk,

    There was a well drilled to 10K feet supposedly over the past 3 weeks in W. Fel. on Jones Vaughn Creek Road near its intersection with Hwy 421. The well was drilled by D&K Drilling(Ferriday, La.). They moved the drilling rig out and headed out last Wednesday. Any idea what this was about? I spoke to a cleanup crew and was told they were just told to drill to 10k feet and they did that and left, didn't know anything else except one guy cleaning up the dirt on the highway said a workover rig was supposed to come next(completion rig?)

  4. I heard tonight that this was a Wilcox attempt but ended as a dry hole at 9500 ft.