Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Encana Announces Weyerhaeuser 73H-1 IP

Encana has just released an initial potential for the Weyerhaeuser 73H-1 in St. Helena Parish.

COMPLETED 11/22/2011 AS A OIL WELL IN THE TUSCALOOSA MARINE SHALE RES;PM F 280 BOPD; 98 MCFD; 3090 CP; 14/64 CK; 1277 BWPD; 5% BS&W; 350 GOR; 40 GRVTY PERFS 12862-18019' (ST: 10)

Those "on the ground" claim that it's been consistently flowing 650-800 barrels of oil per day.


  1. What is the source of this data here? Both the official and "on the ground" information?

  2. Mr. LGB,
    Official is SONRIS. Unofficial is confidential.

    1. What explains the difference between the 280 BOPD Official and the 650 to 800 BOPD Unofficial?

    2. See my comment for "IP confirmed"

  3. Kirk, my wife and I have an interest in the drilling activity in the southwest-central part of Louisiana, specifically the Justiss site near Vernon Parish. The last 3 or 4 scout reports indicate they have temporarily abandoned drilling and are awaiting a core analysis. I believe they have a 9000+ foot vertical hole. My question is can it take this long (over 3 weeks now) for a core analysis? Or is that code for some other reason drilling hasn't proceeded? They are reporting a 58 day drilling operation so far. Can I ask for your comments based on what they are reporting? Thanks...

  4. Core analysis service companies have large backlogs.