Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eagle Ford Shale: The Early Days

There appears to be the expectation that the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale should be "hitting home runs" right out of the starting gate.  Below is a list of wells drilled early in the Eagle Ford Shale Play.  Note that most of them were drilled by the leaders in the shale boom.

As I've stated before, it's going to take 10-20 completions before we know what we have.  Patience and management of expectations will be required.

Eagle Ford Shale completions
Eagle Ford max month daily averages vs TMS initial potentials (bopd)


  1. What happens to the gas produced from the TMS wells?

  2. FM,
    Until pipelines are built, they flare the gas.

  3. Kirk:
    This is excellent work that enables folks the ability to correlate how these plays actually start and evolve. That being said, the Weyer 73 H, looks like it stacks up pretty good for an early generation completion attempt to perfect the most optimal completion of the TMS formation, which should only get better as time and experience will allow.

    8 days in Nov and 30 Dec days for a combined 38 day yield of 24,000 plus Barrels made a really nice Christmas for Weyerhaeuser. Assuming 20% Royalty Reservation and $100 barrel oil, that’s about $480,000 to mineral owner in 38 days, or $12,632 per day, not shabby by any measure. Let’s hope it continues for a long time for everyone involved.

    Thanks again for your hard work and sharing with others, much appreciated.
    Take care

  4. JHP,
    Thank you. Good calculated numbers.

  5. Kirk, what about the Austin Chalk just south of the TMS? Does it have as much potential? what about re-entering old lat AS wells? Is there any action potential there?.

  6. Alan,
    The Austin Chalk, being a fractured carbonate, is very different from a shale play. Finding natural fractures is the key. In the past year, the results have been quite variable. Recent wells have been challenged.