Sunday, February 19, 2012

Encana Plans 10000' TMS Lateral

Encana continues to be the leader in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Play.  The company is pursuing a unit in Amite County that will accomodate a 10,057' lateral (Joe Jackson 4H #2, 4-2n-3e).  Encana was the first to drill over an 8000' lateral in the Haynesville.  This will be one to observe.

Source: Mississippi Oil & Gas Board


  1. A 10,000+ lateral has also been applied for on the Anderson 18H according to a legal notice in the local paper week before last.

  2. 6924' lateral on plat:\2300520741\Plat\API. 2300520741 Plat

  3. Encana filed for a change on Feb 2 for the Anderson 18H per this legal notice in Southern Herald newspaper 2/9/12, if I am reading it correctly :

    The new unit size will be 1242.06 acres and the horizontal portion 10080.41 ft.