Saturday, March 17, 2012

Eagle Ford Stats

The Eagle Ford will likely always be the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale's "big brother" that it will be compared to.  Here's a look at the two on a "year by year" basis.  Tuscaloosa Trenders, lets hope and pray for that growth curve!

Eagle Ford / TMS comparison; Eagle Ford stats sourced from TX RRC and the Oil & Gas Journal


  1. Kirk:

    Excellent work as usual. You might want to consider including 2011 TMS production in your spreadsheets.

    While this production is basically limited realistically to 2 wells, EnCana's Board of Education (Salvage job of Encore efforts) and the Weyerhauser 73 H. These wells have fairly respective production rates, especially when placed in the context of first effort science wells to figure out the best completion methods to unlock the genie out of the bottle.

    The Board of Education has 2011 production of 185 days = 27,668 BO = 150 BOPD average.

    The Weyerhauser 73 has 2011 production of 39 days = 24,304 BO = 623 BOPD average.

    These two wells relatively brief period of production during 2011, yeilded a combined 51,972 Barrels of Oil.

    Based on this brief and limited snapshot, I would lay odds that production from TMS wells (2nd Year) will likely far surpass 2nd year Eagle Ford production.

    Much thanks again for your hard work and efforts to educate us all.

    John Parker

  2. John,
    Yes, I will add the TMS production.