Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Encana Anderson Frac Job Stages

The word out in Amite County is that 30 stage fracs will be attempted on both of Encana's Anderson wells.  To date, 18 stages were the most (Encana Horseshoe Hill 10H).  If the frac jobs go well and the "world is linear", these wells could produce some exciting results.  Stay tuned. The Anderson 17H is on Stage 5. 

Post a comment and tell us your prediction for a 30 day IP in bbls/oil per day and mcf/gas per day.

TMS Frac Jobs; Circles and numbers represent "barrels of oil per day"


  1. 17H will have an IP of 1,063.

    18H 1,263.

  2. 17H IP 1300 per day
    18H IP 1250 per day