Thursday, May 10, 2012

As The Tuscaloosa Turns - May 10, 2012

I receive many emails per week asking confirmation of the many rumors that are circulating.  For the purpose of addressing those in a more efficient manner, I'll be posting this new segment, "As The Tuscaloosa Turns", when the "rumor mill" appears to be overly excited.  Keep in mind that these are unconfirmed rumors from questionable sources.  Believe at your own risk.  With that said, TT (aka "Tuscaloosa Trend"), will respond to some recent hot topics:

RUMOR: Is it true that Shell and Encana have signed a joint venture in the TMS?
TT: Multiple sources state that on April 24 in Denver, the two companies did meet and that a joint venture might have been signed or at least agreed upon.  It seems logical since the two companies were partners in the Haynesville and activity in that region has slowed dramatically.  Encana's stock showed some activity after 4/24 which might indicate that insiders were pleased with the result.  Further rumors state that Shell landmen landed in the Amite County courthouse last week.  Some believe that Encana and Goodrich will be working more closely together in the future. Stay tuned.

RUMOR: Is it true that Devon and Sinopec might also be involved more closely with Encana from a financial standpoint. 
TT: I have heard that but it doesn't make much sense to me since they already have a position in the play.  I hear that Devon and Encana are sharing technical data and allowing each other's staff on their rig locations.  So that was the "Four Horsemen" reference!

RUMOR: Is it true that Toyota might also be involved with Encana?
TT: Toyota Tsusho Corp has partnered with Encana recently in a coalbed methane project.  Some rumors have circulated that Toyota might also fund some of Encana's TMS project.  Ahh, the "Land Cruiser" now makes sense.

RUMOR: Is it true that McMoRan has partnered with Stone Energy in the TMS?
TT: Stone is definitely leasing in the play, but the McMoRan rumor is unconfirmed. Stone appears to be leasing in northern Wilkinson and Amite Counties.

RUMOR: Is it true that the Anderson well is flowing 2000 bopd?
TT: No, but I hope it will soon.

RUMOR: Is it true that EOG has a well planned in Vernon Parish?
TT: I have heard that from a few sources.

RUMOR: Is it true that Chevron offered Encana $16 billion for their Haynesville position and they declined?
TT: Now that's a wild one!  I don't follow the Haynesville closely, but that would be interesting.  Maybe Chevron is "bottom fishing" for cheap gas to add to their Marcellus position.

RUMOR: Is it true that Devon has lost interest in the southern portion of the play?
TT: I have heard that from a few sources.  If they do, I believe that that will be a big mistake.


  1. Devon is so tight lipped about everthing.Thats why there are so many rumors out here.''As The World Turns'',miss one part and come back 10 years latter and nothing would have changed.

  2. Great job as usual Kirk and this was much needed, I know for a fact Anderson is still being fished and there are no flows yet

  3. Keep those rumors coming and throw in a dash of facts now and then. Keeps all parties alert and interested. You seem to be doing a good job of separating the two. Thanks!

  4. This from

    Not a rumor:
    17H is flowing - oil hopefully - how much ? Any answer on this forum to that question will probably = a WAG - at least for the next few months.
    18H - they are already working on milling the plugs.