Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TMS Tour

I just returned from a multi-day tour of the TMS.  Excitement continues to build on the ground.  The Anderson 17H and 18H locations were extremely busy with the 18H frac job in progress.  The 17H completed 30 stages and the 18H is targeting the same.  The Devon Richland Farms completed 20 stages.  It sounds like Devon is still taking a conservative approach on the frac job.  The proppant volumes are much less than Encanas.  These three results should be very revealing.  The crazy rumors have already begun.

I conclude from driving across Wilkinson County that the roads are going to need some assistance to withstand the constant truck traffic.  The journey to the Horseshoe Hill is a bumpy one, but Encana's road to the wellsite is superb.  I would assume that the local residents are appreciative of the road improvement.  The location is large and pristine.  A nice flare still burns.

I was told that the trip to Devon's Murphy 63H could be a challenging one, so we sent the "Tuscaloosa Unmanned Drone" up instead to take the picture below.
Devon Murphy 63H-1
Encana Horseshoe 10H location

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