Thursday, June 28, 2012

Encana Acreage

The map below was constructed from the acreage map presented at Encana's Analyst Day (6-21-12).  The red polygons represent a rough estimate from their presentation.  It illustrates their acreage position relative to the base of TMS structure.  They have established a strong position in the center of the higher resistivity trend with weighting towards the oil window.  They appear to have picked up two large contiguous "outlier" tracts. I believe that the lessees are Weyerhaeuser (east) and Blackstone Minerals (west).
Encana acreage (red; source Encana Analyst Day 6-21-12), TMS Structure (black lines), TMS higher resistivity area (blue dash lines), Lower Cretaceous Shelf Edge (dark blue line)

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