Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who Shot J.R.?

Well if J.R. Ewing made his comeback last night, I guess it's time to start blogging again.  Lookout, the folks on the "new" Dallas series are already talking about fracking, gas hydrates, and alternative energy.  I have a feeling that the "great frac debate" will playout under Southfork Ranch.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the fundraiser.  You guys get it.  I would like to especially note G.M. who donated $10,000 after closing a large minerals sale.  Give to charity instead of the IRS!  Indigo Minerals, American Midstream, Caruthers, and Bobby H. really stepped up to the plate.  Bobby H. is our first "two time" donor. Thank you for your leadership.  I enjoyed the many emails from many of you supporting the cause.  As for Joe A. who cried "industry conspiracy" and Jonathan G. at Keller who declared "the blog might be a scam to raise money for charity", you guys are thinking too hard.  It wasn't that complicated.  Pay forward a little value to a good cause.

The combination of several companies suggesting a subscription service and the limited number of donors have led me to pursue a plan for a monthly Scout Report subscription and a quarterly "play book".  These are under consideration.

If I missed anyone below, let me know. The mailed checks take a little time to process.

The Tuscaloosa "Wall of Fame"

Now for some up-to-date information.  Both of the Anderson wells appear to be holding up.  Surpassing the 1000 boepd threshold in both sets the bar a little higher.  Goodrich definitely put their 5% W.I. to work in the "P.R." space the past few weeks.  Maybe the "2nd mouse" gets the "cheese" and the "press".  The press is good for the play.  Many financial firms are starting to take notice.  This is all good for the TMS.

The Anderson wells once again prove that "more is better".  Longer laterals and more stages produce better results.  No secret here.  It will be interesting to see the frac designs for the five wells currently drilling.  I expect to see Devon greatly increase their frac sizes.

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  1. Hi Kirk,
    I vote for the subscription. Thanks for your hard work.