Monday, July 9, 2012

Devon IP's the Weyerhaeuser 14H-1

Devon has released the initial potential for the Weyerhaeuser 14H-1 on SONRIS.
COMPLETED 6/25/12 AS A OIL WELL IN THE T M S RA SUA RES;PM F 384 BOPD; 35 MCFD; 3190 CP FTP; 10/64 CK 408 BWPD; 1.06%BS&W; 91 GOR ; 40 GRVTY PERFS 12920-18653' (ST: 10)

My understanding is that 20 frac stages were performed with one screenout.  The perfs span 5733'.  Encana's Weyerhaeuser 73H-1 (2 miles northwest) had an initial potential of 784 bopd and 309 mcfgd from 17 stages.
I will present some comparables later this week.


  1. Any indication of lbs. of proppant per stage? Was this another timid frac job on anther short lateral by Devon? If so, could you speculate on why their program is so different than Encana's at this stage. Since Encana has had much better results it seems Devon would be making some changes by now. I assume and hope they have good reasons for continuing with the same drilling program despite their mediocre to poor results. Could you enlighten us?

  2. This latest well seems to be Devon's best to date since it is IP'd at 384 on a 10/64 choke, but that brings up another question. Why a 10/64 choke?

  3. FM,
    I have not reviewed the proppant details. I believe that Devon is taking a more gradual "scientific" approach. Patience is required. I understand that Devon is starting all of their wells at a small choke size. I believe that they don't want to pull the formation too hard, too early. Formation integrity is important.