Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Encana - Potential Future Drilling

In February, 2012 Encana released a TMS play map with potential future locations and their current acreage position.  In June at their Analysts Day, they updated their acreage map. The map below presents a rough depiction of their acreage around their potential future drilling locations.  A recent rumor in the field indicates that they have approved the clearing of twenty three new locations.  It appears that Encana will continue to be the leader in this play.
Encana acreage (blue) and potential future locations (red circles); Source: Encana online presentations (Feb/June 2012)


  1. What are the rectangular boxes? I can not the text in them.

  2. the black rectangular boxes are TMS units

  3. Of the grouping of three units in St. Helena Parish, the right hand side smaller rectangle must be Devon Weyerhaeuser 14H-1. Directly below it should be the location of the new permit Devon Weyerhaeuser 72H-1 at Location 72-1S-4E. which does not have a rectange yet.

    I am unfamilar with the two longer units on the left hand. Who has them and have they been drilled yet?

    I have leased property to the right side of Devon Weyerhaeuser 14H-1. Wish they would put a unit in on that side.

    Another observation from the map, Encana must not have little interest in St. Helena Parish due to having few leases. Since they are drill the the better producing wells, Do you thing they will ever move into St. Helena Parish?

  4. WM,
    I believe that Devon got to St. Helena before Encana. I don't believe that it was technically driven.