Friday, July 27, 2012

EOG Update

The EOG Dupuy #1 was running intermediate casing at 11205' earlier in the week. I hear that they should be logging the well this weekend.  Assuming that they will obtain a conventional core, it will be interesting to see the intervals acquired.
EOG has permitted their second well, the Gauthier #1.  It has a PTD of 15000' and should intersect the TMS at approximately -13700'.  Assuming that this is a vertical hole, like the Dupuy #1, that indicates that they plan to drill down into the Lower Cretaceous carbonates.  At the TMS interval, this location is similar to depths of the Devon Murphy 63H-1.  I'm glad to see EOG going deeper early. More pressure, more gas, and more calcite will help.

Rumors have it that they are considering acreage deeper in the TMS.

Base of TMS structure; EOG permitted wells;

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  1. Any idea what the holdup is on the Devon Murphy 63H-1? They supposedly drilled to TD several weeks-maybe a month ago, but haven't fracked?