Sunday, July 8, 2012

Frenzy On The Fringes

Over the past few months, there's been a leasing frenzy on the "fringes" of the higher resistivity area in the TMS Play.  The second phase of leasing has included several newcomers whose only option for large tract leasing was to go either updip or out west into Rapides Parish (Halcon). Other existing players like Goodrich and Encana have added large contiguous tracts out on the fringe of the higher resistivity area.  Several new players have acquired tracts up in the 3N and 4N townships.

The Encana Joe Jackson 4H #2 has experienced significant hole issues while attempting to drill the lateral.  It has been reported that the well was terminated after only reaching a 2500' lateral length.  Sloughing shale due to high clay content might be the issue.  The TMS occurs at -11400' TVD-SS in this wellbore.  It has been reported that Goodrich has been very challenged for similar reasons while building their curve in the Denkmann 33H-1.

Due to high costs, the current operators are wise in conducting the "R&D" drilling and completion efforts in the shallower section.  The Phase II lessees leased large tracts updip because that was what remained available to lease.  The geological facies might indicate that going updip to the north moves closer to the clay-rich prodelta facies and will present drilling and completion challenges.  While shallower and cheaper, time will tell if this location presents economically viable reservoir rock. 

I recommend heading south towards the marine facies (calcite-rich Pilot Lime).

TMS deltaic facies cross-section; Deltaic facies and grain size models.

TMS facies and lithologic model.


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