Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Initial Potential Metrics

I've updated the charts below with the Devon Weyerhaeuser 14H-1 result.  As we continue to add more datapoints, the trend line will become more of a forward looking prediction tool.  The points above the line "under performed" the group while those below the line "over performed" based on a comparison to the trend line. 


  1. Do these charts take into acct. any variations in choke size for IP's, which I believe makes a huge difference? Variations in #'s of proppant used per stage is another potential variable. It seems it would be hard to develop a meaningful trend line because of the number of completion technique variables from well to well.IMO

  2. FM,
    Without question, these are 2 dimensional charts and do not factor in the numerous variables. With time, the frac designs will likely become more similar and these charts will become more meaningful. Currently, we have a lot of "apples and oranges".

  3. You are right.You just have to work with what little info leaks out or is squeezed out of the operators by law. So far they have done a good job of keeping the info under control and lease terms going their way. I have heard each of them bragging to analysts and investors recently about the low cost of their leases. Thanks for your apt efforts at keeping us in the loop. Landowners need all the help they can get.