Monday, July 16, 2012

Who's Hot, Who's Not

The "Google Trends" technology provides the ability to observe trends in search and news volume regarding a specific topic.  A look at "shale mania" provides some interesting stories and trends.  The "shale granddaddy", the Barnett Shale, kicked the mania off in 2008.  Thank you George Mitchell and the Mitchell Energy team. Twenty years of hard work.  A great testament to the resilience and tenacity of this industry.

Based on the search volumes, plays like the Barnett and Haynesville present "boom and bust" patterns.  The Marcellus shows a gradual increase and a subsequent decline.  The Eagle Ford, the current darling of the industry, illustrates a nice steady rise.  Surprisingly, the Bakken has not seen similar volumes compared to other less successful plays.  The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale has yet to appear on the media radar (not enough searches to create a graph).  Our "little train that could" will be the talk of the industry in 2013.  We'll check back on this chart in a few months.

Surprisingly, shale gas has had more volume recently than shale oil. That's likely attributed to the anti-fracking articles relating to shale gas plays like the Marcellus and Utica in "oil unfriendly" states.

Google Trends: chronological search volumes

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