Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Devon Releases The Murphy 63H-1 IP

Devon's initial potential for the Murphy 63H-1 was released on SONRIS today:
COMPLETED 8/20/12 AS A OIL WELL IN THE T MS RA SUA RES;PM F 408 BOPD; 301 MCFD; 2875 FTP; 11/64 CK; 504 BWPD; 1.23%BS&W; 738 GOR; 43 GRVTY PERFS 14428-19170 (ST: 10)

That equates to 460 boepd which is less than I expected.  Keep in mind that on the Weyerhaeuser 14H-1 well, Devon's IP was well below the IP 30 rate.  The frac job details have not been released so the amount of proppant per stage is unknown.  I've heard that they performed 19 stages.  Based on 19 stages, the initial potential equates to 24 boepd per stage.  The Encana Anderson 18H-1 for comparison was 37 boepd per stage and the 17H-1 was 31 boepd per stage.  The GOR of 738 is high which was expected with the greater depth. 

On July 27, I provided some predictions for this well:

At that time, I was told that 16 stages were planned.  With 19 stages, the "IP vs Stages" chart would indicate an estimated IP of 580 boepd.  The 30 day IP will be interesting to see.

TMS Completions
The IP for the Murphy 63H-1 plots directly on the "best fit line" for IP's.
TMS IP's vs IP30's (Source: SONRIS, MSOGB, Company presentations)

Word "on the ground" is that Devon is very pleased with the result and likes the rock properties. That's consistent with my geological assessment of the area. Stay tuned.


  1. I think the well can do better than this IP indicates. At 500 BWPD, it's still unloading frac water, which consumes a good portion of the reservoir energy available. In addition, Devon had the well on a pretty small choke (11/64 in). Choking the well back causes a high tubing pressure (2875 psi). If a larger choke is used, the FTP would drop and the flow rates, oil, gas and water, would increase. Perhaps Devon has the well choked back to prevent frac sand flowback, particularly with this water production.