Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halcon Enercom Presentation

Halcon Resources presented at the Enercom Conference on 8/14/12.

The slide below states 140,000 net acres which is 90,000 additional acres then they released in their recent conference all.  I believe that the 90,000 acres are anticipated additions.  The spacing of 160 acres is intriguing.  The current average unit size is 1000 acres.  The gross EUR of 569 MBO is within the range of what other companies have released recently.

The slide below states that they've leased 30% of their target acreage amount.  In the EUR, the oil represents 65% of the reserves.  The IRR's look low compared to other shale plays.

The slide below represents a structure map on the base of the TMS.  The lack of existing well control illustrates that this area is more "wildcat-ish" than the TMS-East.  The map presents 2D seismic lines that would be the basis for the structural nosing across the map.  Note the 2nd well location.

Based on the thicknesses on the map, this appears to be a gross interval isopach of the entire Eutaw section.  Due to minimum amount of well control, I assume that this map is mostly controlled by their 2D seismic grid.

It's rare to see a company state their "progress" in leasing as a percentage along with their maps.  The competing speculators have to like that.

Entire presentation:

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  1. Can you educate us regarding traditional spacing?