Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goodrich Looks To The East

Goodrich Petroleum has applied for a unit in Washington Parish, LA.  The unit falls within a large block that they've assembled.  This unit is the most eastern location/unit to date and falls outside of my 75' resistivity isopach contour.  From log analysis, I calculate 60-70' of pay in this area which is thin compared to thicker pays to the west (max 151').  This early in the game, I find this to be an interesting choice from Goodrich's sixteen blocks that are scattered across the play.  I agree with their approach to lease across the play to balance risk in a play that has yet to be derisked, but this wouldn't have been one of my early choices.  This location will provide a very interesting "data point" for the east side of the play.  Upcoming results from the Devon Thomas 38H-1 will provide more information.


  1. Just received pre-application notice of Goodrich's proposed Joseph Branch unit boundaries in St. Helena Parish. The map provided shows our property joins, but is not included in that unit.
    The property was originally leased by New Century Productions. I would like to know if Goodrich bought our leases or were they sold to a different company? How would a person find out about this?

    1. Get to the courthouse. Run New Century, Direct. You should find an Assignment.

  2. email me the unit info and I'll take a look