Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Landowner Shout Out

I had a chance to stop by Emmaus in September.
Last week the blog surpassed a half a million pageviews and the TMS is just getting started.  As the frequent visitors to the blog know, this is a pro bono effort (translation: free)  Significant content is provided to all at no charge.  All I've asked for in return is support for our favorite charity.  I wanted to take this moment to present the top donors over the past year.  Recently, a mineral owner made quite a donation after selling some minerals ($20,000).  He asked to remain anonymous, but lets refer to him as Mr. Hegetsit.  My goal for the year is still to raise $100,000.  We've raised $56,270 to date and the year is quickly coming to a close. Over 90% of the visitors to the site are locals that live "in the trend".  I estimate that the oil industry has injected over $500,000,000 into the local economy via lease bonus checks.  The industry has already spent over $200,000,000 in well costs.  Over a half a billion dollars already invested in total.

Over the last 18 months since the inception of the blog, I have answered hundreds of emails and phone calls from landowners asking questions about the play or their land in general.  "Why won't they lease my land?". "Is my land in a good location?".  "They're drilling on my land but won't tell me anything!".  "What's the Thomas well doing?".  Landowners, I'm now giving you a "shout out" and saying that we need your support.  The year is almost over and the tax man will be coming soon.  Why not donate to a great cause instead of giving it to the IRS? My goal is to continue this as a free service despite the industry asking for a subscription service with weekly Scout Reports and metrics. This is your moment to speak loudly.
........And then we have those that continue to use it to attempt to move their penny stock:

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