Thursday, October 4, 2012

Devon Thomas 38H-1 Initial Potential

The initial potential for the Devon Thomas 38H-1 has been reported on SONRIS:
COMPLETED 9/28/12 AS A OIL WELL IN THE TMS RA SUA RES;PM F 384 BOPD; 105 MCFD; 2400 FTP; 09/64 CK; 192 BWPD; 0.50%BS&W; 273 GOR; 41.0 GRVTY PERFS 12383-17114' (ST: 10)

That equates to 402 boepd.  I expect the well to improve as it cleans up and as they open the choke.

On September 24, 2012, I made this prediction on the Thomas IP and IP30:
"Based on the information below, I would expect the well to IP in the 350-500 boepd range.  Devon is using more proppant per stage than in the past, so it could be higher.  I would expect the well to have little gas.  424 boepd is my prediction for an IP30."

That was based on our algorithm constructed from the database of existing completions along with a calculation of total feet of pay from well logs.

The IP for the well plotted directly on the best fit line on the chart below.


  1. Good well on a very tight choke. Any news on the Murphy 63 results ?

  2. I think you have a simplistic correlation that is probably adequate in the 2 to 6 million pound range in the core area but I feel you will end up with a lot of scatter as the play evolves. 6 millions pounds is very different in a 4000 ft lateral vs 6 million in a 8000 ft lateral.

  3. Kevin,
    No question. Many parameters/charts are being examined. This early in the play, it's a challenge to find any "apples to apples"