Sunday, October 28, 2012

EOG Quickly Exhibits TMS Leadership

EOG didn't take long to exhibit their leadership and "know how" in the TMS.  They drilled the Dupuy Land Co. 20H-1 in record time.  At 583' per day, this is the fastest horizontal well drilled in the play in this latest TMS era.  A measured depth of 16907' in 29 days with a lateral of 5169'.  Impressive.  Many will ask if the western portion of the TMS-East is easier to drill.  I would definitely say not.  I believe that this is an experienced drilling department "doing what they do".

EOG's results in the Eagle Ford shale are legendary.  At the recent Harts DUG Eagle Ford Conference, it was interesting to see how EOG outperforms all of its competition.  In that play, their adjacent competitors are not getting nearly the same results.  As I've said many times, we're fortunate to have them in the TMS.  The bar has just been set higher.


  1. That's very impressive drilling performance by EOG. I believe a successful TMS producing well is very dependent on a well designed and executed completion, more so than drilling. I'm hopeful that EOG has that technology and expertise as well. I'm anxiously awaiting those results.

  2. Very well. I hope this decreases some of the cost, maybe it will all be worthwhile. I see a bunch of hydro equipment on site, I guess it wont be long..