Thursday, December 20, 2012

EOG Dupuy Land Co. 20H-1 - Initial Potential

All eyes have been on Avoyelles Parish and EOG's first horizontal TMS test, the Dupuy Land Co. 20H-1.  Rumors have been rampant the past ten days with a wide range of rumored flow rates.  I've been reluctant to make a post until accurate rates were confirmed.  From what I understand, an initial potential of 656 bopd will be released by the state.  The well is choked back and has produced 10,400 barrels over 23 days (Average: 452 bopd).  The IP30 will likely fall short of my estimate but when the choke is increased, this well should flow at an attractive rate.


  1. An IP of 656 BOPD is not shabby at all. Good job EOG! It would be interesting to see the Flowing Tubing Pressure and the water rate as well. I suppose we'll see that in time. The well is no doubt on a pretty small choke to keep the integrity of that new frac job. Encouraging news.

  2. What are the drilling and completion costs? The western flank of the high-resistivity area may ultimately turn out to be the core area, unless the efficiency has nothing to do with geology & geography but everything to do with EOG management, scientists & employees...