Wednesday, January 2, 2013

EOG Keeps The Bar High

EOG has reached total depth on the Gauthier 14H-1 reaching a measured depth of 19162' (13640' TVD).  This represents the 2nd fastest TMS well drilled to date (564'/day compared to the EOG Dupuy 20H-1 at 604'/day).  This will also be the 2nd deepest completion (13640' TVD; slightly shallower than the Devon Murphy 63H-1).  The chart below compares the drilling rate of all of the TMS wells on a feet per day basis and ordered from left to right by spud date.  EOG's performance to date represents a significant development for this play.


  1. I saw the rig has been erected at the Dupuy site again yesterday ,I wonder whats up?

  2. likely running tubing in the hole to improve the flow of oil