Sunday, March 24, 2013

EOG Permits Another TMS Well

EOG has permitted a third horizontal TMS well, the Paul 15H-1 (Vick Field). The location, in northern Avoyelles Parish, is 4.6 miles northwest of the Dupuy 20H-1 well.  I estimate that the Paul 15H-1 location will penetrate approximately 100' of resistivity greater than 5 ohm-m. In comparison, the EOG Dupuy 20H-1 has 127'.  EOG has not released the porosity logs for the Dupuy 20H-1, so exact feet of pay can't be calculated.  The Paul 15H-1 has permitted an approximate lateral length of 5000'.  Assuming that the frac design for the Paul 15H-1 is the same as the Dupuy 20H-1, I would expect the results to be less than the Dupuy 20H-1.  It's very likely that EOG will attempt a different frac design with possibly more proppant and fluid.  The type log below is from a well close to the Paul 15H-1. It contains 81' of Delta-Log-R greater than 0.9.  This also is less than that in the area around the Dupuy 20H-1.  More confident predictions can be made once the frac design for the Paul 15H-1 is known.

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