Friday, April 26, 2013

TMS Activity Map


  1. Hi Kirk
    I noticed that your map did not include a permit by Goodrich in Washington Parish-Tylertown #1 in the northeast corner of the parish-things are starting to move on ...
    Thanks for the map.

  2. what about a map which actually shows land that IS leased ?

  3. Mark,
    Send me that map and I'll post it. Thanks for your support

  4. I meant 'northwest corner', Kirk.

  5. I don't have such a map. I don't work in the oil industry, either. You claim most of the TMS east is already leased. Shouldn't there be a map to show where these leased acres are?

  6. Mark,
    In the industry we call that "proprietary and confidential". Please be aware that the blog is a "pro bono" effort. Be thankful for what is provided to you at no cost. There is no obligation to do this. And, if you're really appreciate, you can donate to our favorite charity that serves the poor and the homeless as a way of expressing your sincere gratitude.

  7. I find it strange you claim "most" of the TMS East is leased, but none of my neighbors have signed leases. According to your map with the dotted lines indicating high resitivity areas, we're all in it. Something just doesn't add up.
    As for donating to a charity, I'm doing all I can to make sure I don't become one of those needy persons.

  8. Mark,

    At the risk of speaking for the other grateful followers of this blog, the generally asinine and entitled tone of your comments is uncalled for and unappreciated. Kirk provides this blog, which is an unparalleled resource for land and mineral owners, at his own expense. He selflessly asks that any remuneration for his efforts is directed to a charity - one that provides food and shelter to those who are too poor to afford computers (or the luxury of using them to embarrass themselves on the internet).

    If you are dissatisfied with the level of information Kirk provides (which far exceeds that of any other public or private party - anywhere), kindly spare the rest of us your ingratitude and stop reading the blog.

    As for your lease map. If you want one the only way you are going to get it is to invest the six-to-seven figures required to hire a team of landmen to purchase every lease granted in the TMS area since 2008, and then retain the services of a mapping company for a similar sum to put it on in a map for you. Once you have it, you are then free to start your own blog and provide this map to others free of charge.

  9. this blog is geared towards those folk who thoroughly understand the oilfield industry, not the lay person. Sorry I am not on the same lofty plateau as the rest of you.
    In high school journalism, we were taught to ALWAYS answer the who, what, when, where, why and how of every story. Again, sorry I am not content to read something and walk away with more questions than answers.
    I am not the least bit embarrassed for having the sense to ask questions which CONTINUE to go unanswered. Some people live and learn, most just live.

  10. And I am not the least bit embarrassed to admit my surprise to learn that you attended high school. I would think someone who made it as far in life as the 9th grade would have a certain minimal amount of maturity and social grace that your comments CONTINUE to lack.