Thursday, May 2, 2013

Max Daily Rate (BOEPD)

With known results from 18 completions in the TMS Play, some drilling and completion best practices are being confirmed.  The landing zone has proven to be very important with the bottom 60' of the TMS being the most attractive.  As Devon discovered, landing too high or too low will present undesirable results.  A proppant volume of 500,000# per stage appears to be a good level.  The Weyerhaeuser 60H and Ash wells appear to indicate that 700,000-1,000,000 pounds of proppant per stage are not producing improved initial potentials. The maps below present the maximum daily rates for the completion results to date.  This value is the greater of the initial potential and IP30.

The final map clearly illustrates that sufficient proppant levels in the correct zone results in excellent initial potentials.

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