Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TMS In The Big Apple

I'm in the Big Apple meeting with Wall Streeters spreading the TMS word. I'm looking forward to visiting with many of you on Thursday at the Iberia Capital Oil & Gas Day.


  1. I told Jim Cramer that he should get on board about two weeks ago, that this was the next big shale play.

  2. John Boland: Here is an update on the Paul well

    05/22/2013 06 16417 05/17/13: TOTAL DEPTH REACHED. 05/19/13: SET 5-1/2" CASING @16417' W/ 770 SX. STATUS DATE: 05/19/13

    Source: http://sonlite.dnr.state.la.us/sundown/cart_prod/cart_con_wellinfo2?p_wsn=246125

    So it has taken EOG 40 days from spud to casing a measured depth of 16,437ft = 409ft per day. The lateral length is about 5,336 ft. Hopefully they will be fraccing it soon and it will come in gangbusters.

    Hope this helped answer your question.

    ~~John Parker

  3. Thank you so much...

    God bless our veterans on this Memorial Day weekend. ...

  4. And of course those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom