Friday, July 26, 2013

TMS Cumulative Production

In late 2007, as Encore was initiating an exploratory horizontal program in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, we invested $35,000 to have Dan Jarvie's team at Humble Geochemical Services evaluate drill cuttings in seven Tuscaloosa wells.  As I initiated my "TMS Tour" in late 2010, I received significant negative feedback with regards to the TMS' lower TOC's and Ro's.  The geochemistry portion of my presentation used to last thirty minutes.  It's interesting now to review the table below for the confirmation that this rock gives up a lot of oil in a short period of time.  Earlier this week, my TMS presentation had one geochemistry slide.  As in many other plays, the geochemical parameters have surprised many.



  1. Kirk,
    In your opinion, out of these 18 wells how many do you think will pay for themselves in 3 years or less? Six or seven?(my guess).
    I am very impressed with Goodrich and their strategy. They learned from everyone else and now have the best well in the bunch. If they up their rigs with a JV partner and hold all that acreage they will do very well. This is going to be an interesting year.

  2. CB,
    I really use the dataset of 26 completions to look forward. The process to date has been research and development. In R&D, one should assume that nothing makes a profit. I foresee most future wells being cheaper than those of the past and will present excellent economics.