Friday, July 5, 2013

TMS Production - Cumulative vs Time

The cumulative production curves from the most recent TMS wells continue to impress.


  1. Are the IP30 results for the Ash wells available?
    Thanks, Malone

  2. I realize this is Kirk's blog but he hasn't had time to respond, so here is my 2 cents contribution: Current flow rates are rumored to be below 400 bopd and on pump on 1 well(peak rate was around 700 - 750 briefly and early on) and below 100 bopd on the other well(only a few stages performing due to stuck coil tubing). This is local rumor only. I have no confirmed info. on either well but am reasonably sure this is close to accurate. Will they fish again for coil tubing?
    Some say they used too much water and probably too much proppant on these wells. Everyone is hoping that the coil tubing can be removed,then the rate should of course improve on that well. Appears that the other well is at its peak rate under pump, but, hopefully it will have a slower decline curve, which might improve the EUR and make this well an economic success over time. The only good news is that these poor wells are not a formation problem but completion issue problems.Future wells in these units should be much better. IMO