Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Record Setting IP Announced in the TMS

Today Goodrich Petroleum announced that the Encana Anderson 17-2 has flowed at a peak 24-hour average rate of 1,540 BOE (95% oil) on a 17/64 inch choke.  This represents a new record for peak flow rate in the play.  The well landed very low in the shale and completed approximately 5200' of lateral.  That is a significant result especially relative to the lateral length.

With known results from 24 TMS completions, an evaluation can be performed to assess the drilling and completion approaches.  The table below presents five wells that meet the following criteria:
-Lateral length > 5000'
-Landing zone: bottom 70' of the TMS
-Feet of pay > 75'
-Proppant per stage = 400,000-600,000#/stage

When all of these criteria are met, initial potentials range from 928-1540 boepd (90-96% oil).  

Source: SONRIS, MSOGB, Amelia Resources LLC


  1. I didn't realize the Anderson 17H-2 was fracked with 600,000#'s of proppant.

    What about the 17H-3?

    Is this part of the problem with the slow clean out of 17H-3?

  2. I also wonder about the 17/64th versus 12/64 and 14/64 chokes we've seen in the past.
    I am a layman. What dictates the choke? Top hole pressure? Bottom hole pressure? Is there a danger of producing too much, too fast and ruining the well...I understand this has happened in the past on other wells.

  3. The exact proppant volume has not been released yet by the MSOGB. 600k is from our sources. We'll know more about the 17-3 as it cleans up. All operators are experimenting with choke size. Yes, pulling the formation too hard, too early can cause problems.