Thursday, August 8, 2013

TMS Acreage Valuations Skyrocket

Today Sanchez Energy announced an agreement where they will be acquiring 40,000 net acres in the TMS play.  It appears that the private equity partner in affiliated company, SR Acquisition I, LLC, has been bought out.  This represents a market transaction between a private equity entity and a public company.  In contrast to Devon's "distressed sale", this metric presents significant validation to the value of the TMS play.  Some estimated calculations of the value are:
-40,000 net acres
-$78,000,000 in cash and stock
-a 50% carried interest in 6 wells (use $13M per well based on the Goodrich Smith 5-29) equals $39,000,000
-this totals $117 million for the total valuation and $2925 per net mineral acre
At $2925, this is slightly higher than the valuation that MCX paid to enter the joint venture with EOG in 2012.

Sanchez Energy Announces Agreements To Acquire Approximately 40,000 Net Acres In The Core Of The Rapidly Developing Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Trend
HOUSTONAug. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sanchez Energy Corporation (NYSE: SN), a rapidly growing independent oil and gas company targeting onshore U.S. Gulf Coast oil resource plays with a current focus on the Eagle Ford Shale, today announced it has entered into agreements pursuant to which and upon closing Sanchez Energy would acquire approximately 40,000 net undeveloped acres in the core of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale ("TMS") trend for cash and shares of its common stock plus an initial 3 well drilling carry.
Pursuant to the terms of the agreements, Sanchez Energy established an Area of Mutual Interest ("AMI") with its affiliate SR Acquisition I, LLC ("SR") in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale.  As part of the transaction, Sanchez Energy will acquire all of the working interests in the AMI owned by an unaffiliated private equity firm plus a portion of SR's working interests, resulting in Sanchez Energy owning an undivided 50% working interest across the AMI through the TMS formation. The AMI holds rights to approximately 115,000 gross acres and 80,000 net acres.
  • Total consideration for the transactions will be approximately $78 million consisting of $70 million of cash and 342,760 shares of common stock (valued at approximately $8.2 million based on the closing price per share as of August 7).  SR will receive approximately $13.5 million in cash for the sale of its interest and the balance of the common stock and cash will be paid to unaffiliated third parties, including the previously mentioned private equity firm which made its initial investment in 2010.
  • Sanchez Energy has further committed, as a part of the total consideration, to carry SR for its 50% working interest in an initial 3 gross (1.5 net) TMS wells to be drilled within the AMI and at Sanchez Energy's election it may carry SR in an additional 3 gross (1.5 net) TMS wells if it desires to participate in additional drilling within the AMI. 
Tony Sanchez, III, President and Chief Executive Officer said, "For almost three years, we have been watching the evolution of the TMS and assessing the technical and economic development of the play.  We now believe it is an appropriate time for Sanchez Energy to enter the play and we have the opportunity to do so by leveraging the groundwork undertaken by Sanchez Resources over the past several years.  With the closing of this acquisition we believe we have secured a solid acreage position in the core of this rapidly developing trend.  Recent well results by other operators in the area are encouraging with respect to both strong well performance and decreasing drilling and completion costs.  We expect to commence our operated TMS drilling program in early 2014 and also anticipate participating in several non-operated wells given our proximity to other active operators in the area.  We are excited to bring our development skills and expertise to such a dynamic basin, and believe the strategic diversification to the TMS will continue our track record of building shareholder value."


  1. Looks like 95% or more on the east side of the Mississippi. Now things are getting interesting. Who's next to cross the river?

  2. EOG and Halcon have drilled in Avoyelles and Rapides already but with limited success so far. Until they have an outstanding well it will not pick up there. IMO

  3. I read on another site about some unnamed Chinese firm which reportedly paid $25,000 an acre. Anyone know anything about this?

  4. Mark,
    That sounds like an Eagle Ford valuation.

  5. Yep, Mark;
    I think $30,000 was the top per acre on one lease. Those big boys (Petrohawk and EOG, etc) were competing for acreage in the Eagle Ford leasing and driving up prices like crazy. That probably won't happen in the TMS (IMHO) although it might get better than it is now. Let's hope it does.