Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Comstock Announces 2014 Budget

"The 2014 budget includes $80 million for completion costs of 29 (21.0 net) South Texas Eagle Ford shale wells that were drilled in 2013 but will be completed in 2014.  In addition to completing the wells drilled in 2013, Comstock has budgeted to drill 71 (47.6 net) horizontal wells in 2014.  The Company expects to spend $264 million for drilling 59 (40.2 net) wells in the South Texas Eagle Ford shale, $50 million for drilling ten (5.6 net) East Texas Eagle Ford shale wells, $27 million for drilling two (1.8 net) Tuscaloosa Marine shale wells and $29 million on facilities, recompletions and other capital projects.  Depending on oil and natural gas prices in 2014, the Company anticipates funding its drilling expenditures with operating cash flow."



  1. I'm new to the blog. What a great resource! Thanks to everyone, especially Kirk for participating.
    Is there any rock maturity data available? Tmax, Ro,etc. Clay content? I've seen a few general numbers for the play but nothing specific by location.

  2. Bird, www.goodrichpetroleum.com have released some data